What is the purpose of this blog?

I will be the first to admit that the virtual world does not need another blog. Social media, blogs, and personal websites can be sad attempts to become a local or national celebrity as we tweet, post, and pin every cool thing we do throughout our lives (frankly it would probably be better for people to keep a personal diary that is hidden under their bed like they did in the old days). In the spirit of full-disclosure, I’ve been “that guy” who posts a picture of a great meal or tweets something clever and then spend the next few hours waiting for “likes” and “retweets” to encourage my ego. However, I must admit from the get-go, I’m not very cool. More than once I’ve been called an old man and recently I discovered the median age of the audience of my favorite television program is 62 years old (for some of you that may not be that old, but being that you’re reading a blog online you must be a spring chicken). I’d rather listen to a baseball game on the radio than watch it on television and I’d rather sing hymns than contemporary praise songs. It may be obvious, but I’m not hip, so the point of this blog is not to fake it.

My desire here is to encourage and serve people through biblical discussion, cultural reflection, and theological dialogue. I am a Young Adult Pastor and my people are online (probably too much). This is a way to engage with them, the rest of my church , and anyone else through another medium. I’m not the smartest, funniest, most winsome, or thoughtful person in the world. I simply love my people and desire to teach and inspire them with the gospel of Christ in any way possible. It’s also a chance for me to think. Writing does that. I will not pretend to be a great writer or even enjoy writing much, but good thinkers must write.

The title “By His Grace” has been a great reminder for me over the past few years. All things are a gift of God’s grace. I need reminded of this daily so I entitle this blog to remind you as well. His grace through Christ saves us and his grace through Christ continues to change us. My prayer is that this will testify to the glorious grace of Jesus and that the content and discussion provoked here will serve for the fame and glory of his name and the good of his people. 

By His Grace


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