Why Christians who care about Mission should Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

As far as I know there’s not a hint of Ireland in my blood, but there is something about Irish culture that has always intrigued me. St. Patrick’s Day in American culture has essentially become just another excuse to drink…like our society needs another. Christians may take a look at this scene and decide not wear green in protest and fast rather than eat corned beef and cabbage (these traditions reveal the Americanization of this holiday anyway). However, Christians who care about mission should be the first to wish someone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

David Mathis wrote a great post on St. Patrick. He writes, “Saint Patrick’s Day, in its truest meaning, is not about avoiding the lost, but taking them the gospel.” St. Patrick was originally from England and was actually a slave to the Irish people as a teenager. He eventually escaped back to England, but later ¬†returned to Ireland to preach the gospel. Mathis mentions that his time with pagans was criticized by many, but for us it should be a provocative example of the radical implications of gospel mission.

So Christian, Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Allow this day to provoke you to engaged people who need to hear and respond to the gospel of Christ.

See Kevin DeYoung’s Post for more background on St. Patrick.


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